Laumeier Sculpture Park
12580 Rott Road
Saint Louis, Missouri 63127





Laumeier is open daily from 8:00 a.m.–30 minutes past sunset. The Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center is open daily from 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m., and until 6:00 p.m. daily Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.


Laumeier is located near I-270 and I-44, 16 miles and 20 minutes from the Gateway Arch. From I-44 Eastbound or Westbound, exit at Lindbergh Boulevard (Exit 277B), drive 0.5 miles south to Rott Road (turn right) and proceed 0.5 miles west to the Park's Main Entrance.

The Park is free and open to the public year-round, with the exception of special events. Laumeier is closed to the public the Thursday–Sunday of Art Fair weekend in May and Christmas Day.

Visitors are asked to register at the Visitor Center located in the Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center during regular building hours. Visitors can pick up a printed Park Map, view the exhibition in the Whitaker Foundation Gallery, visit Gracie's Shop, use the restrooms and water fountain, etc.



Download the Printed Park Map


DOGS welcome

Dogs are welcome in the outdoor galleries at Laumeier, but they must be leashed at all times and picked up after by owners. Dogs are not allowed during some special events. Service animals may accompany people with disabilities in all public areas of Laumeier Sculpture Park.


TRAIL distances + walking times

Art Hike Trail: 0.77 miles / 45 minutes
Central Pathway: 0.64 miles / 25 minutes
Western Woodland Trail: 0.15 miles / 10 minutes


No Climbing

Even though Laumeier’s artworks are outdoors and subject to the elements, physical contact can still cause irreparable damage, making it difficult to preserve them for future generations. Please do not climb on any artworks, unless otherwise noted on the sculpture’s object label.

View Laumeier's Sculpture Interaction Guidelines

Artworks must sometimes be removed from view due to inappropriate public interaction. Examples of inappropriate interactions include climbing, writing (graffiti), carving or scratching on sculptures, walking off prescribed trails, paths or lawns, and general destructive activities. 

Please help us take care of our Collection; if you see anyone interacting with an artwork inappropriately, please contact the Park Rangers at 314.615.8911. County Ordinance 101.080 lists a $1,000 fine for climbing on sculpture.



Laumeier’s artworks in the outdoor galleries make excellent subjects and backgrounds for personal photographs. Due to copyright restrictions, visitor safety and access concerns, commercial photography and videography is allowed only with advance permission from Laumeier. Contact the Marketing & Communications Department at 314.615.5277 or with questions or for more information.

Download Laumeier's Photography & Film Policy Form